Vitamin B12 & Calming Herbal Vaporiser
Vitamin B12 & Calming Herbal Vaporiser

Vitamin B12 & Calming Herbal Vaporiser

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Vitamin B12 Absorbtion

Vitamin B12 is proven to help with preventing fatigue, regulating mood and energy production. Many people that don't eat meat or animal products are deficient in Vitamin B12. Inhale Calm has the equivalent of 20 x 1mg Vitamin B12 injections. Studies prove that Vitamin B12 is more effectively absorbed through the lungs than being digested. (Check out the Science tab for more info).

Calming Herbs

For centuries the eastern cultures have been smoking herbal tea for the relaxation and calming effects that herbs such as lavender, chamomile and peppermint have on the body. The later discovered problem was that the smoke was having a negative impact on the lungs and cancelling out the positive qualities of the herbs. Therefore, we, Inhale Calm have innovated this ancient method by utilising water vapour to deliver the herbal ingredients via the lungs.


Inhale Calm is ready to be used straight out of the box.  Each vaporiser comprises a chamber that holds a fully charged battery and a cartridge containing the Vitamin B12 liquid. There are 200+ breaths in each vaporiser.